I have blogged about many aspects of music, music education and piano playing. Here are my archives. To read my regular columns for Pianist Magazine and Piano Professional (published by EPTA), as well as articles for various music magazines, please click, here.

Guest Post Series 2018

Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert: “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!”- Four Famous Composers at the Wiesn

Maggie Morrison: A Canadian Playlist

Christopher Norton: Teaching Improvisation to Groups

Jenni Pinnock: Composing: An underrated tool in teacher’s tookits

Clara Rodriguez: At the piano with Phyllis Sellick

Katharine May: Harpsichord basics

John Pitts: Indian Raggs for the Piano

Karen Marshall: Teaching the tricky intermediate stages

Lindsey Berwin: My journey as a composer

John McLachlan: Composing Piano Music

Mark Tanner: Mindfulness in Music: Notes on finding life’s rhythms

Kay Tucker: A New Exam for Stringbabies

Samantha Ward: The Inception and Development of PIANO WEEK

Nick van Bloss: Honest Insights and Some Forgotten Exercises

Geroge Bevan: Intervals – training or teaching?

Daniel Tong: The 1st Birmingham International Piano Chamber Music Festival

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: Trinity Colllege London Grade 5

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: ABRSM Grade 5

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: Trinity College London Grade 4

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: ABRSM Grade 4

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: Trinity College London Grade 3

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: ABRSM Grade 3

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: Trinity College London Grade 2

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: ABRSM Grade 2

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: Trinity College London Grade 1

Selecting & Practising Piano Exam Repertoire: ABRSM Grade 1

9 Tips for Piano Exam Success

Recommended Resources

Recommended Piano Resources for Spring 2017

Recommended Piano Resources for November 2016

Recommended Piano Resources for September 2016

Recommended Piano Resources for July 2016

Recommended Piano Resources for May 2016

Recommended Piano Resources for March 2016

Recommended Piano Resources for February 2016

Recommended Piano Resources for January 2016

Top Piano Resources for November 2015

10 Top Piano Resources for October 2015

10 Top Piano Resoures for September 2015

10 Top Piano Resources for August 2015

9 Top Piano Resources for July 2015

10 Top Piano Resources for June 2015

11 Top Piano Resources for May 2015

7 Top Piano Resources for April 2015

9 Top Piano Resources for March 2015

12 Top Piano Resources for February 2015

15 Top Piano Resources for 2015

The Piano: Performance and Technical Aspects

Are you all Fingers and Thumbs?

5 Tips for Keeping Time

5 Top Tips for piano playing progress in 2018

5 Tips for Practising without the Piano

Tips for those returning to piano playing

Practising Piano Waves

Approaches to Staccato Playing

5 Tips for the Perfect Practice Schedule

5 Tips to Instantly Improve a Performance

Play it again: PIANO Book 1

Practising Duets

5 Top Tips to Aid Memorisation


Hand Flexibility

Improve Your Sight-reading; 5 Top Tips

5 Tips To Improve Your Warm-Up Regime

10 Top Tips to Improve Your Practice Schedule in 2017

10 Tips to Pass Your Piano Exam

The Power of Repetition

A few thoughts on the ‘Una Corda’

A few thoughts on selecting diploma repertoire

The Power of Visualisation

Selecting a piano diploma programme: 10 top tips

Practising without the Piano

10 Tips to Seriously Improve Your Piano Playing in 2016

9 Top Tips for Practising Octaves (EPTA article)

The Perils of the Glissando

The Importance of Breathing

A Few Thoughts On Demonstration

It’s All in The Preparation 4: 5 More Top Tips

It’s All in The Preparation 3: 5 More Top Tips

It’s All In The Preparation 2: 5 More Top Tips

It’s All In The Preparation: 5 Top Tips

Perfect Pedalling

5 Top Tips To Improve Wrist Staccato

5 Top Tips To Improve Finger Staccato

5 Practice Tips to Instantly Improve a Performance

10 Top Tips for Tonal Beauty

10 Top Tips to help Resolve Tension

Resolving Tension in Piano Playing; EPTA Article for Piano Professional Magazine

Improving your scales: article for the Piano Professional Magazine: EPTA

15 Top Piano Resources for 2015

15 Top Tips for Successful Sight-Reading

10 Top Tips for Effective Memorisation

A few thoughts on Ornaments

Variations for Judith: Contemporary Piano Music

Orchids for Piano by Ed Hughes

Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No. 4 by Béla Bartók

More Daily Practice Reminders

Some thoughts on practising during piano lessons

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G! A few thoughts….

Between the Notes

8 Daily Practice Reminders

A Few Thoughts on Beethoven’s Für Elise 

Top 20 reasons to play the piano

Absolute Articulation

To play Studies or not to play Studies….that is the question!?

10 Top Tips for Successful Piano Practice in 2014

Some thoughts on chordal playing in the Scottish Legend by Amy Beach Op. 54 No.1

Comfortable Piano Playing

Rhythmic Precision in the First Movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in C minor Op.10 No.1

A few thoughts on Chopin’s Nocturne in C sharp minor Op. Posth.

In praise of slow practice

Celebrating the left hand

Structuring your piano practice

Do pianists really need to play the entire piano repertoire?

Listening and Focusing

Why write on the score?

‘There are no Fazioli artists, only ARTISTS who PLAY FAZIOLI’

Pulse Perfection!

Fifty Shades of Pianism


Perfect hand positions…

Perfect piano posture

Coaxing the fourth and fifth fingers into action!

10 reasons to fall in love with the piano! Happy Valentine’s Day

Tension, Czerny Studies and strong coffee….!

How much piano practice is enough?

To memorise or not? Happy 2013!

Espressivo…..a few tips to transform your piano playing

A helpful way to improve your piano fingering

More memorising tips….

Memorising your piano pieces

The amazing piano with four pedals!

How can amateur pianists become more professional in their approach to performing?

Would you adopt a piano?

Maria Ines Aguirre and the Steinway Piano

Piano Duets for the summer holidays

Piano Duets – sociable, satisfying and sensuous?

Preparing for your piano exam

Contemporary piano music?

How should I practice my scales?

Structured piano practice in 5 simple steps

Sight-reading – 6 helpful hints

Piano exam success – 5 key points

Scales – 6 reasons why you need to practice them

Piano practice?

Piano practice – how much should I do?

How long does it take to learn to play the piano?

10 reasons to play the piano

General Music

A Lecture Recital with Mitsuko Uchida

The Piano at the BBC Proms 2018

A Tippett Day at the City Literary Institute

A master class with Murray Perahia

Josef and Rosina Lhévinne and the Russian School

A master class with Stephen Hough

Guest Post: Chicken Wings

A master class with Richard Goode

Guest Post: 11 ways to kick start your practice

Guest Post – A Young Pianist’s Journey

Yuja Wang’s master class debut

11 ways to kick start your practice routine; a guest post by GéNIA

The Mindful Pianist; a guest post by Mark Tanner

A master class with Cristina Ortiz

A Visit the the August Forster Piano Factory

So You Want To Organize A Piano Competition? Part III

So You Want To Organize A Piano Competition? Part II

Peregrine’s Piano Presents a Trip to the Schimmel Factory 2016

David Bowie meets Minimalism

A masterclass with Jerome Lowenthal

New Pianofforte Magazine and Jaques Samuel Junior Piano Festival

So You Want To Organize A Piano Competition

The Piano at the BBC Proms 2015

New Steinway Spirio Piano and My Daily Telegraph Article

80th Anniversary Party at Jaques Samuel Pianos in London

Rachmaninov in an Ice Age

A Trip to the Schimmel Piano Factory

Piano Showcase presented by Pianist Magazine and Schott Music

A Trip to the Schimmel Factory

BBC Proms 2014

BBC Young Musician 2014

A Fazioli Factory Visit in Sacile

It’s All About Piano! Festival 2014

An Exciting New Concert Series launched by Rhinegold Publishing

Salon Music

A visit to Holst’s Birthplace Museum

What musicians can learn from Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Victory

Guest interview with Morton Feldman Scholar

Some thoughts on the 2013 BBC Proms

Grandma Dingley on Kickstarter

Sounding Out – Stage notes

The pianoforte in Jane Austen’s world

The healing powers of music

Guest post – Leeds Lieder Festival Plus

Conductor carries the Olympic torch

BBC Proms 2012

The healing powers of music; repairing brain damage

Can music really slow down the ageing process?

Homeopathy for stage fright

BBC Young Musician of the Year 2012; Woodwind Final

RIP Titanic

Join the Classical Revolution

The Power of the Musical Mind


Musical Memories

The Power of Music


Introducing Duo Feola

Celebrity Christmas Gala at Kings Place

Micro-Lectures with Boris Giltburg

Memories of Moscow: A Guest Post with Alicja Fiderkiewicz

Jamie’s Concerts with Noriko Ogawa

Words and Music with Lucy Parham and Friends

Artur Pizarro plays Rachmaninov at St. John’s Smith Square

The Grand Black and White Piano Party at the OSO Centre in Barnes

Piano Talk with Noriko Ogawa Part 2 – Charity Work

Piano Talk with Noriko Ogawa Part 1

Genuine Joyce Hatto recordings

Joyce Hatto – The greatest hoax in classical music?

The Life and Loves of Claude Debussy with Lucy Parham and Dominic West

Dave Brubeck 1920 -2012

The Wallcast interview series featuring great classical artists

Do or Die; Lang Lang’s story

Pianist Mihaela Ursuleasa dies aged 33

British female pianists; Emily Daymond

British female pianists; Katharine Goodson

Brigitte Engerer

British pianists; Mathilde Verne

Dietrich Fischer- Dieskau

British pianists; Adelina de Lara

British pianists; Helen Hopekirk

British female pianists; Fanny Davies

British female pianists; Annie Jessy Curwen

Valentina Lisitsa

British female pianists; Arabella Goddard

An Interview with Vladimir Horowitz


Tha Anatomy of Melancholy: Marc Yeats

Sir John Tavener 1944 – 2013

Happy Birthday Claude Debussy!

Steve Martland – a tribute

Celebrating 200 of Wagner via Liszt

New Beethoven work is premiered

Happy Birthday George

Marvin Hamlisch 1944 – 2012

New work by W A Mozart

Liza Lehemann

Music Education, Festivals and Competitions

PIANO WEEK: what happens on a piano course?

Cadenza Intermational Summer Music School

Weekend Competition: the winners

Weekend Competition: A Special Faber Competition

Lang Lang Music Theory Twitter Competition

Stars of the Albio Competition 2018


Learn to sight-read: the winner…

Learn to sight-read by E-Music Maestro: weekend competition

Stars of the Albion: 5th International Performing Arts Festival

Musical Chairs 2018

Piano Gallery: the winner…

Weekend Competition: Piano Gallery

Guest Post: Andreas Eggertsberger speaks out about Focal Dystonia

The Manchester Music Young Artists Programme 201i8

The London College of Music Piano Syllabus 2018 – 2020

Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide: the winner…

Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide: weekend competition

Attending a piano pedagogy conference

Sight-reading success with Paul Harris

Jukebox solos and duets: the winners…

Weekend Competition: Jukebox Solos and Duets

Weekend Competition: The Intermediate Pianist

Weekend competition: the winner….

Weekend competition and review; Improve your sight-reading! Teacher’s book

A few thoughts on piano teaching in Singapore and Malaysia

Holistic Day for Pianists: the winners

Weekend Competition: Holistic Day for Pianists

Holistic Day for Pianists

A Piece a Week: the winners

Weekend Competition: A Piece a Week

Easy concert pieces: the winners

Weekend Competition: Easy Concert Pieces

Chetham’s Summer School hosts Fifth Concerto Competition

At the movies: the winners

Weekend Competition: At the movies

2017 Beethoven Junior Intercollegiate Piano Competition

Piano Junior: the winners

Weekend competition: Piano Junior

Musical Odyssey

Piano Playlist & My First Chopin: winners

Weekend competition: Piano Playlist & My First Chopin

Stars of the Albion Arts Competition & Festival

Piano Notes: the winners

Weekend Competition; Piano Notes 2017/18

Manchester Music Festival Young Artists Program

New Year Competition: the winner

New Year Weekend Competition

PIANO WEEK goes to Frankfurt

Overseas Masters Winter Piano Academy 2016

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2016

The Faber Music Piano Anthology; the winners…

Weekend Competition: The Faber Music Piano Anthology

A Year at a British Music Conservatoire by Lewis Kesterton

Safari; the winners…

Weekend Competition: Safari by June Armstrong

The Value of Lectures & Masterclasses

Three Prizes; the winners…

Weekend Competition: Three Prizes

To Skype or not to Skype?

The Lang Lang Piano Method; winners…

Weekend Competition: The Lang Lang Piano Method

Do Piano Exams Matter?

Why take part in an amateur piano competition? The Chicago Amateur Piano Competition

At The Drop of A Hat: Winner…

Weekend Competition: At The Drop of A Hat

Double Bill Competition Winners

Weekend Competition Double Bill

A Master Class with Nikolai Lugansky

Rock & Pop Studies: the winner is…

Weekend Competition: Rock & Pop Studies

Jackdaws Piano Course 2016

Weekend competition double bill…

You can read music: winner…

Weekend competition: You can read music

Mindfulness and Jazzin’ About; winners…

Weekend competition: Mindfulness and Jazzin’ About

Jazz Piano Tutorials by Tim Richards

Contemporary Educational Piano Music

It’s never too late to learn to play; winners…

Weekend Competition: It’s never too late to learn to play…

Funkey! Winners…

Weekend Competition: Funkey!

Master classes at the Royal College of Music with Sir Andras Schiff

Friday Freebie: Stormy Ocean by Carol Matz

So You Want To Play The Piano? The winners….

Weekend Competition: So You Want To Play The Piano?

A master class with Sir Andras Schiff

The Lang Lang Piano Method: The winners are…

Weekend Competition: The Lang Lang Piano Method

The Harpsichord: guest post by Katharine May

Choral and Vocal Warm-Ups: The winners…

Weekend Competition: Choral and Vocal Warm-Ups

The Graded Piano Player: The winners…

Weekend Competition: The Graded Piano Player

Musica Noca Stars of the Albion Competition

New Year Winner

New Year Competition

A Master Class with Emanuel Ax

Grade 5 Theory: Melody Writing. A Guest Post

The Piano Bench Mag: 2016 Edition

A Master Class with Andrei Gavrilov

Guest Post: Maintaining Concentration in Piano Playing

Jazzin’ At Christmas; the winners are…

Weekend Competition; Jazzin’ At Christmas

Christmas Cool Piano Duets; the winner is…

Weekend Competition; Christmas Piano Duets

On My Travels – the winner is…

Friday Competition and Workshop by Pamela Wedgwood

A masterclass with Leon Fleisher

Get Set! Piano – Winners

Weekend Competition – Get Set! Piano

A Friday Freebie: Dolphins by Carol Matz

5 Reasons to Take a Piano Course

Piano by ear: the winner…

Piano by ear: back by popular demand!

Ballads without words: The Winner is…

Friday Competition: Ballads without words

Piano by Ear: The Winner is…

Weekend Competition: Piano by Ear

Friday Freebie: Andante

Video Performance Competition featuring Karma

Improve Your Theory! 3. 4. & 5: The Winners…

Friday Competition Improve Your Theory! Grades 3, 4, & 5

Improve Your Theory: The Winners

Friday Competition: Improve Your Theory!

Great Piano Composers of the Classical Era: Out Now

An Important Petition and Workshops in London

The Winners

Friday Freebie Competition

Great Composers of the Classical Era: Pianist Magazine

New Sight-Reading Academy Launch

Cui International Music Festival 2015

Variations for Judith; And the Winner is…?

Variations for Judith; Win a Signed Copy

Ten Very Easy Piano Pieces for Beginners

Training to be a Repetiteur

EPTA Yamaha Day with Nils Franke and Universal Edition

Daily Expressions Piano Music: Winner

Piano Notes published by Rhinegold

Overseas Winter Piano Academy 2014

The Piano Bench Mag: And the Winner Is?

Faber Music launches the Lang Lang Piano Academy

EPTA UK Pianos Teacher’s Course

A few thoughts on Practical Musicianship and Keyboard Harmony

First International IMMA Records Classical Music Competition

International Piano Master Classes with Angela Hewitt

Piano Week 2014

2014 Dublin International Piano Festival and Summer Academy

And the WINNER is….?

A Chance to win the Pianist Magazine’s New Piano Techniques App

Andrei Gavrilov gives master classes in the UK

The Value of Music Theory

From the Adjudicator’s chair…

6 ways to introduce music making to babies and small children

Are you ever too young or too old to learn to play?

Guest post – Are you all fingers and thumbs? Come to the Summer School for Pianists

Appreciating your piano teacher!

Some thoughts on the Van Cliburn 2013 Competition

Transforming El Sistema

Young stars of Vladimir Spivakov’s International Foundation Concert

6 reasons why selecting a good piano teacher is vital…

Meet the orchestra; Let’s get children inspired to play orchestral instruments

Music education in Hong Kong – what the UK needs to know….

Learning to cope with performance nerves

Music Festivals….how important are they?

Are music exams important?

The 2012 Overseas-Malaysian Winter Piano Academy

Winner’s recital at the 6th Jaques Samuel Junior Department Piano Festival 2012

Practical tips for your music exam

Guest post – Introducing Stringbabies

The joys of the parent pupil

Music lessons apparently make you a better listener

The Orff Approach

The Olympic Effect

Why is Grade 5 Theory so important?

Dalcroze Eurhythmics – a creative way to study music

The Kodály method – a useful way to study music?

The Suzuki Method – an effective way to study an instrument?

Piano competitions – how important are they?

Sistema England

Help, I can’t sing! Aural Tests

Do music examiners account for nerves?

Stage Fright – 5 tips

Music Festival Adjudicator

Stage Deportment – 5 tips

Performance Anxiety – 5 top tips

Teaching Young Children about Musical Instruments

Music Festivals – A Platform for your Child

Light relief…


Happy Christmas! And a trip down memory lane…


My Articles

A Piano Day at Ackerman’s Music Shop

New Piano Courses at Finchcocks

Jackdaws Piano Course 2019

A Royal Double Bill

The 70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Best Piano Resource Nomination

A few thoughts on publishing houses: a tour of Oxford University Press

Play it again: PIANO Reviews

Play it again: PIANO Book 2

Play it again: PIANO Book 1

Workshop for the Performing Arts Festival in Singapore

Polishing your piano technique: Jackdaws course 2018

Play it again: PIANO Review and Launch

A Student’s Memories: Patricia Carroll (1932 – 2017)

A Second Weekend at Jackdaws Music Education Trust

Meet the Judges: Live streamed event from Chicago

Piano Waves: Five Pieces

Happy Christmas 2015: A trip down memory lane

So You Want To Play The Piano? 2015 Publication

Judging the Chicago Amateur Piano Competition 2016

The Classical Conversation Series

A Weekend at Jackdaws Music Education Trust

Piano Course at Jackdaws Music Education Trust

Digressions: 5 Piano Pieces

Bilingual Master Classes in Germany

Piano Bench Mag Feature Article and Interview

Carnival of the Animals for Two Pianos

Improvisation on a Bach Chorale for Two Pianos by Busoni

Second Anniversary of the Classical Conversations Series

Master Classes in Germany

Interview on the Jack Price Show

My First Article for Pianist Magazine – Get your copy here!

Marlow FM Interview

Sheargold Music Interview

London Piano-Yoga Day

BBC Radio Three Counties Interview

BBC Radio Berkshire Interview

An interview for ‘Memorising Music’

Adjudicating in Hong Kong

It’s all about piano! Piano festival at the French Institute

My job as a music adjudicator

Interview for ‘Pianists from the Inside’

My life as a guest entertainer


Miniatures for Piano by Robert Bruce

Murray McLachlan plays Sonata No. 5 by John McLeod

Review in Pianofforte Magazine for Faber Music

Mastering the piano series by Lang Lang for Faber Music

Piano Bench Mag Celebrating it’s First Anniversary

Simultaneous Learning: The Definitive Guide by Paul Harris

Charles Owen’s Recital for Rhinegold LIVE

Andrew Litton at Rhinegold LIVE

Rhinegold LIVE Concert Series opens in style

The Art of Piano Fingering by Rami Bar-Niv

Alicia’s Gift; the Concert of the Novel

The Magic Link – a book review

‘Divine Fire’ at the Radcliffe Centre in Buckingham

Delightfully Easy Piano Duets

Hungarian Dances at The Musical Museum

Higgledy Piggledy Jazz

The Yellow Lounge with Valentina Lisitsa in Paris

Royal Overseas League 2013 Final

A life in music…Ruth Nye and the Arrau Heritage

In Harmony in action….

Piano Yoga with GéNIA

It’s all about the piano – a piano festival with a difference

In Harmony Lambeth Winter Concert

A Walk Through the End of Time and The Woman’s Orchestra at Auschwitz

BBC Radio 3 Piano Gala for Children in Need

My review of Miloš at the RAH

Reflections on Song with Ian Bostridge

Budapest Festival Orchestra at the Edinburgh Festival

Luca Pisaroni at the Edinburgh Festival

Daniil Trifonov at the Edinburgh Festival

Valentina Lisitsa at the RAH


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