I’ve been composing for the last few years and really enjoy this creative process. My music has been predominantly for the piano so far, but I’m now branching out and have written for several different genres. I often write for my friends and colleagues, as well as educational music for pupils. You can find out more about my publications, here.

Orchestral Music

A Cinematic Suite (2018)

A four-movement suite for chamber orchestra. Lasting approximately 15 minutes, this work features minimalism with chromatic twists and turns.

Chamber Music

Vortex for Piano Quintet (2019)

A one-movement piece for two violins, viola, ‘cello and piano. This piece piece written for the Solomon Piano Quintet, and was performed in January 2020 at Toppan Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Trance for Piano Trio (2019)

A one-movement work for piano, violin and ‘cello. First performed in July 2019, by the dedicatees, Warren Mailley-Smith, Harriet McKenzie, and Tim Lowe at St. James Church, Piccadilly, as part of the Piccadilly Chamber Music Series.

Dichotomy for String Quartet (2018)

A one-movement piece for two violins, viola and ‘cello. A short one movement piece, exploring two different themes.

Piano Solo

Simply Driven: 5 Virtuoso Pieces  (2020)

Five advanced to virtuoso pieces, written for four female pianists; Aisa Ijiri, Yuki Negishi, Maiko Mori and Madalina Rusu. In this selection there are two etudes, two power ballades and a theme with a set of variations. Entitled Frenzy, Aisa, Sand, Silk & Love, Enigma, Chasm and Time, this volume will be published by Schott Music in March 2020.

No Words Necessary: 12 Pieces for intermediate level students (2018)

A collection of pieces for the intermediate player (aprroximately Grade 3 – 6). No Words Necessary has been published by Schott Music, and you can hear three works from this selection below, and you can find out more, here,

Piano Waves (2016)

A collection of five intermediate pieces (for students from Grade 4 – 6), which have been influenced by the sea. You can learn more and hear the all, here. Published by EVC Music in 2016.

Digressions (2015)

A further collection of intermediate pieces (for Grades 4 – 6). These pieces are heavily influenced by minimalism, and they were my first collection. Find out more and hear them all, here. Published by EVC Music in 2015.

A String of Pearls (2019)

A String of Pearls was published in July 2019. It’s a suite for piano duet which was originally composed for the Darina Piano Duo. Containing five short movements, each one depicting a different pearl. You can find out more or purchase the score, here.

Snapchats: duets & trios (2016/2019)

Snapchats duets & trios were originally published in 2016 as a volume of duets. They were re-published last year by 80 Days Publishing. The volume contains 23 little pieces: nineteen duets (4 hands at one keyboard) and four trios (6 hands at one keyboard). Intended for late beginner students to around Grade 4 level, they are very short and succinct, lasting from 8 – 16 bars. You can hear them all, and find out more, here.