Classical Conversations

In this interview series, I chat informally on camera to established eminent classical pianists and pedagogues about their training, musical education and careers. I tend to ask similar questions but the answers are so diverse; it’s been fascinating hearing how each artist’s respective musical education has shaped and influenced their careers. I feel very privileged to have interviewed so many wonderful pianists and I would like to thank them all for their time and interest in my series.

You can watch all the interviews by clicking on the links below.

‘Melanie’s series of interviews are splendid and highly enterprising. They are fresh, engrossing, entertaining and educational – what more need be said?’ – British Concert Pianist, John Lill.

‘Melanie Spanswick’s collection of interviews is really quite something, super world class.’  – Japanese Concert Pianist, Noriko Ogawa.

Stephen Kovacevich

Barry Douglas

Cristina Ortiz

Nicholas McCarthy

Leslie Howard

Boris Giltburg

Martin James Bartlett

Ian Fountain

Hamish Milne

Pascal Rogé

Janina Fialkowska

Artur Pizarro

Federico Colli

Philip Fowke

Andrei Gavrilov

Vanessa Latarche

Ruth Nye

John Lill

Clara Rodriguez

Piers Lane

Angela Hewitt

Valerie Tryon

Steven Osborne

Peter Donohoe

Murray McLachlan

Graham Fitch

Paul Lewis

Kathryn Stott

Ivan Ilić

Cyprien Katsaris

Ashley Wass

Ronan O’Hora

Martin Roscoe

John Lenehan

Noriko Ogawa

Leon McCawley

Lucy Parham

Alexandra Dariescu

Nick van Bloss

Valentina Lisitsa

Music Talk Series

This series is similar to the Classical Conversations Series, where I talk to eminent concert pianists live on camera. Music Talk focuses on those who work in areas related to the piano, music education and the music industry in general, reflecting the title of this blog.

You can click on the links below to view the various interviews and events:

Jaques Samuel Pianos 80th Anniversary Party

Music Talk with Paolo Fazioli, Founder and Owner of Fazioli Pianos

Music Talk with Graham Roos, Producer, Writer and Performer

Music Talk with Jessica Duchen, Music Journalist and Author

Music Talk with Kay Tucker, Founder and Director of Stringbabies

Music Talk with Erica Worth, Editor of the Pianist Magazine

Noriko Ogawa’s charity work: Part 2.

Music Talk with Noriko Ogawa: Part 1.

Winners Recital of the 6th Jaques Samuel Pianos Junior Department Piano Festival Held at the Wigmore Hall.

I am honoured to have such great support from various companies and establishments, who have all encouraged this series by kindly granting permission to film at their respective premises. They include Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Wigmore Hall, Steinway Hall, Jaques Samuel Pianos, The French Institute, and Yamaha Music London.


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