I regularly write articles for newspapers, magazines and piano publications, and I’ve also written for various online websites and blogs including; The Stage, Pianist, Piano Professional, Piano Journal, Music Teacher Magazine, International Piano Magazine, Clavier Companion, Sinfini Music, Rhinegold Publications, Faber Music Magazine, London College of Music Examinations publications, and the Daily Telegraph.

My writing has been highlighted by piano teacher associations around the world, particularly in Australia; the West Australia Music Teacher’s Association, and the Music Teaching Association of Queensland, have featured articles in their respective journals. I  write the feature technique article for the EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) UK publication, Piano Professional, having written over 15 articles. And I’m a regular columnist for Pianist Magazine, writing a ‘how-to-play’ piece inside every issue, as well as contributing to their online content.

I co-write the ABRSM Piano Notes series (published by Rhinegold) and have also co-written the performance notes for the London College of Music examination syllabus (2018 – 2020).

Here’s a selection of articles, including features, interviews, and reviews.

Practising the Andante from Sonatina in F by Thomas Attwood Page 1 & 2 & Page 3: a feature article for the London College of Music Examinations Magazine, April 2019

The Pianist as Composer: An Interview with Melanie Spanswick: An interview about composing for the Rhonda Rizzo’s blog No Dead Guys, March 2019

Focus on Piano: Exploring Bloodroot by Rachel Grimes from the Grade 7 piano syllabus. A feature article for the London College of Music Examinations Magazine, September 2018

Playing to Your Strengths: a guest post for Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music Blog, May 2018

Composer’s Interview; Moving Classics TV, March 2018

5 Tips for Fingering: Pianist Magazine Newsletter; March 2018

Rediscovering the Piano Page 1 & Page 2: Pianist Magazine, Issue 96, June/July 2017

5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Piano Performance: Pianist Magazine Newsletter, April 2016

Piano Fun and Mastery Interview: Easy Ear Training, February 2016

Nine Top Tips for Practising Octaves: Pianist Magazine Newsletter, December 2015.

A Helping Hand: Pianofforte Magazine (published by Faber Music), October 2015.

Teach Your Children Music with a Touch of Pianissimo: Daily Telegraph, May 2015

Classical Conversations Interview Feature: Slipped Disc Blog, January 2015.

Eastern Promise: Overseas Masters Winter Piano Academy website, December 2014.

Mastering the piano series by Lang Lang – review: Pianofforte Magazine (published by Faber Music), December 2014.

Interview: The Piano Bench Mag, December Edition 2014.

Articles to which I’ve contributed:

Running and Jumping; scales and arpeggios in Music Teacher Magazine (Rhinegold), and written by Rhian Morgan, November 2016.

Faber Music Piano Anthology Article in Pianofforte Magazine (published by Faber Music) and written by Rachel Topham; November 2016.

Memories of Moscow 1 & Memories of Moscow 2: Piano Journal (EPTA‘s European magazine), written by Alicja Fiderkiewicz, edited by Melanie Spanswick, October 2016.

New Music: A journey to a ‘slightly different place’Facts & Arts website November 2014. Written by Michael Johnson. The same article was published in the November/December of Clavier Companion.

Piano Professional Magazine (published by EPTA). I write a regular feature article on various aspects of technique:

Painless Piano Playing Part 1 (Issue 50, Spring 2019, pg. 24 – 25).

Fruitful Fingering Part 2 (Issue 49, Winter 2018, pg. 19 – 21).

Fruitful Fingering Part 1 (Issue 48, Autumn 2018, pg. 22 – 23).

The Sustaining Pedal (Issue 47, Summer 2018, pg. 20 – 21).

Hand Flexibility (Issue 46, Spring 2018, pg. 16 – 17).

Practising Nocturne No 20 in C sharp minor by Fryderyk Chopin (Issue 44, Summer 2017, Pg. 5 – 7).

Approaches to staccato playing (Issue 43; Spring 2017, Pg. 10 -12).

The Art of Polyphony (Issue 41; Summer 2016, Pg. 14 -16).

Practising without the Piano (Issue 40; Spring 2016, Pg. 16 -17).

Octaves (Issue 39; Autumn 2015, Pg. 4 – 6).

Tone Production (Issue 37; Spring 2015, Pg. 26 – 27).

Sight-reading: the most useful tool in the box (Issue 36; Autumn 2014, Pg. 20 – 22).

Resolving Tension in Piano Playing (Issue 35; Summer 2014, Pg. 8 -10).

Scaling Heights With Happiness (Issue 34; Spring 2014, Pg. 14 -19).

The Memory Game (Issue 33; Autumn 2013, Pg. 22 – 24).

Pianist Magazine: I write a regular instructional column (which focuses on how to practice one particular work) for beginners to intermediate players:

Allegro in B flat K3 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Issue 109, August/September 2019)

Fugue in C major P.144 by Johann Pachelbel (Issue 108, June/July 2019)

Les Coucous Bénévoles by François Couperin (Issue 107, April/May 2019)

No. 27 from the Easiest Exercises Op. 109 by Ernesto Köhler (Issue 106, February/March 2019)

Etude Op 97 1a by Anton Reicha (Issue 105, December/January 2018/9)

Etude No. 19 from L’alphabet Op. 17 by Félix Le Couppey (Issue 104, Ocotber/November 2018)

Petite Réunion Op 100 No 4 by Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller (Issue 103, August/September 2018)

Melodious Studies Op 108 Nos 12 & 16 by Ludvig Schytte (Issue 102, June/July 2018)

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky arr. Melanie Spanswick (Issue 101, April/May 2018)

Prelude in C BWV 846 by Johann Sebastian Bach (Issue 100, February/March 2018)

Scherzo Op 55 No. 3 by Ignaz Moscheles (Issue 99, December/January 2017/18)

Etude Op 137 No. 5 by Henri Bertini (Issue 98, October/November 2017).

Scherzo from Sonatina Op. 151 No. 1 in G by Anton Diabelli (Issue 97, August/September 2017).

Intermezzo in G Op. 123 No. 2 by Cécile Chaminade (Issue 96, June/July 2017).

Distant Bells Op. 63 No. 6 by Louis Streabbog (Issue 95, April/May 2017).

Amazing Grace, Trad. arr Scaife (Issue 94, February/March 2017).

Sonatina in G Anh 5 No 1 (first movement) by Ludwig van Beethoven (Issue 93, December/January 2016/7).

Sonatina in C Op. 36 No. 1 (first movement) by Muzio Clementi  (Issue 92, October/November 2016).

Modern Minuet & Modern Waltz by Hans-Günter Heumann (Issue 91, August/September 2016).

Innocence from 25 Easy & Progressive Studies Op. 100 by Johann Burgmüller (Issue 90, June/July 2016).

Melodie Op. 68 No. 1 by Robert Schumann (Issue 89, April/May 2016).

Soldier’s March Op. 47 No. 14 by Robert Fuchs (Issue 88, February/March 2016).

Little Flowers Op. 205 No. 4 by Cornelius Gurlitt (Issue 87, December/January 2015/16).

La Caroline by C P E Bach (Issue 86, October/November 2015).

Melodie No. 5 from Skizzen Op. 77 by Heinrich Hofmann (Issue 85, August/September 2015).

Minuet No 1 Op. 36 by Amy Beach (Issue 84, June/July 2015).

To Begin With No 1 from 24 Pieces for the Young by Peter Nicolai Von Wilm (Issue 83, April/May 2015).

Minuet in B minor from French Suite No. 3 BWV 814 by J S Bach (Issue 82 February/March 2015).

The Pipers by Charles Gounod (Issue 81, December 2014/January 2015).

The Doll’s Funeral by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Issue 80, October/November 2014).

Sonatina in G by Thomas Attwood (Issue 79, August/September 2014).

Minuet by Charles Villers Stanford (Issue 78, June/July 2014).

Pianist Magazine Extra Issue:

Andantino in E Flat by Joseph Haydn: Great Piano Composers of the Classical Era (published by Pianist), June 2015.

Solfeggietto in C minor by C P E Bach: Great Piano Composers of the Classical Era (published by Pianist), June 2015.

‘Melanie brings a deep musical understanding to all her work, with loads of useful practice tips, book/product profiles, and guest authors.’

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