Guest Post Series

A series of posts writeen by guest writers on many aspects of pianism and music education. Please click on each link below to read the post.

On preparing for a Beethoven marathon

On preparing for a Beethoven marathon Part 1: Julian Jacobson

On preparing for a Beethoven marathon Part 2: Julian Jacobson

On preparing for a Beethoven marathon Part 3: Julian Jacobson

On preparing for a Beethoven marathon Part 4: Julian Jacobson

Guest Post Series

The Craft of Piano Tuning: Eric Tan

Chord Playing and Improvising 2: Christopher Norton

Birmingham International Piano Competition: Ella Lee

The Concept of Flow in Piano Practice and Performance: David Jones

Musical Life at Windsor Castle: Alex Robson

The Recording Process: Yuki Negishi

Chord Playing and Improvising: Christopher Norton

Studying at  a Music Conservatoire: Evelyn Chang

Teaching Through Composition: Thinking in Phrases at Initial Level: Jeni Warder

Extreme Heterophony: a study in Javanese Gamelan for one or more pianists: John Pitts

12 Ideas To Help Reignite Motivation at the Piano: Lewis Kesterton

Compose Yourself!: Alison Mathews

Finding Their Voice – Progress Through Composing: Jeni Warder

Studying at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam: Yuki Negishi

The Thinking Pianist: David Jones

MicroJazz Refreshed: Christopher Norton

Border Tune: Christopher Norton

The Resilient Artist: Rachael Forsyth and Helen Sanderson-White

Montecatini International Piano Competition: Aisa Ijiri

Studying in Hong Kong and the USA: Rachel Cheung

Go Composer North America Summer Festival 2021: Sonya Knussen

Studying at a Japanese Music Conservatoire: Yuki Negishi

Beginning Jazz Piano: Tim Richards

Studying at a Music Conservatoire: Yuki Negishi

The Second Prokofiev Festival: Yulia Chaplina

Flipping Musical Misperceptions On Their Heads: Erica Sipes

My Work As A Composer: Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton

Practice Tips for Exam Pieces: Christopher Norton

Compose Yourself!: Alison Matthews

24 Steinways in Cardiff: Amy Reynolds

Kindly speaking the truth: Amy Boyes

PianoArte Masterclasses: Niel du Preez

Real Ear Training: Roland Perrin

Avoiding Apocalyspe at all costs: an interview with Lola Perin

A Grade 7 Journey: Becky Flisher

The Joy of Piano Duets: Eleonor Bindman

An Interview: Anna Sutyagina

The Primrose Piano Quartet record Brahms Piano Quartets: John Thwaites

How to Make a Professional Recording in 16 Tips: Rhonda Rizzo

The Waco Variations – writing about music: Rhonda Rizzo

Sounds of Intent: Sum Yee Chan

The Mindful Pianist; Mark Tanner

Beethoven Piano Concerto Project: David Alexander

Teaching Improvisation to Groups Part 2: Christopher Norton

“Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!”- Four Famous Composers at the Wiesen: Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

A Canadian Playlist: Maggie Morrison

Teaching Improvisation to Groups: Christopher Norton

An underrated tool in teacher’s toolkits: Jenni Pinnock

At the piano with Phyllis Sellick: Clara Rodriguez

Harpsichord Basics: Katharine May

Indian Raggs for the Piano: John Pitts

Teaching the tricky intermediate stages: Karen Marshall

My journey as a composer: Lindsey Berwin

Composing Piano Music: John McLachlan

Mindfulness in Music: Notes on finding life’s rhythms: Mark Tanner

A New Exam for Stringbabies: Kay Tucker

11 ways to kick start your practice routine: GéNIA

Maintaining Concentration in Piano Playing: GéNIA

A Year at a British Music Conservatoire: Lewis Kesterton

The Inception and Development of PIANO WEEK: Samantha Ward

Honest Insights and Some Forgotten Exercises: Nick van Bloss

Chicken Wings: Amy Reynolds

Memories of Moscow: Alicja Fiderkiewicz

The Harpsichord: Katharine May

Intervals – training or teaching?: George Bevan

Young Pianist’s Journey: Amy Reynolds

The 1st Birmingham International Piano Chamber Music Festival: Daniel Tong

Speaking out about Focal Dystonia: Andreas Eggertsberger

Leeds Lieder Festival Plus: Nico de Villiers

Are you all fingers and thumbs? Come to the Summer School for Pianists: Christine Stevenson