Melanie offers a comprehensive range of workshops and lectures for teachers, students, and parents. Presentation topics are listed and explained in more detail below. They can be delivered online as well as in person.

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Demystifying Composition

Composition is becoming increasingly important in the examination process and plays a large part in developing musicianship. This workshop is beneficial for almost anyone interested in compositional skills. Built around Melanie’s compositional technique, she carefully charts various methods of introducing composition into individual lessons and in a group session or classroom.

Developing a Flexible Piano Technique

A secure, flexible piano technique, free from tension is paramount. This workshop is suitable for students of all ages and abilities and might also interest teachers and parents. Melanie works with students at the piano, employing a series of simple exercises, focusing on relaxed shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands, whilst developing finger power and a full tone.

Piano Technique For Today

This series of four workshops, lasting a full day, is based on Melanie’s teaching, putting into practice the concepts of relaxation and flexibility in piano playing. Beginning with simple exercises, students are encouraged to build flexibility, relaxation, and firm fingers coupled with a rich tone. These workshops also spotlight a myriad of challenging issues, for example, evenness in rapid passage work and ornaments, touch, double notes, octaves, chords, chordal balance, and arm weight. Practice notes are provided and there will be plenty of student participation around the piano. .

Piano Success!

Piano Success! is all about ‘micro-managing’ students; working in a detailed manner during lessons is the catalyst to providing students with a wide range of practice strategies. 


A fun session for students or teachers. The workshop begins with a plethora of sight-reading strategies to be worked around the piano by workshop members. However, the fun begins when participants play together and enjoy a duet and trio session!

Piano Teaching Course

This option is a four-day course offering teachers practical skills to use in their individual, group, or classroom lessons. This practically-based course comprises plenty of teacher participation around the piano. Subjects covered include four substantial piano technique workshops an exploration of piano music from beginners (including a session on piano method books) to advanced levels. Sight-reading, memorisation, pedalling, fingering, micro-managing students, piano exams, rhythm and notation, composition, the psychology of piano teaching, and practical teaching are covered, with a chance for teachers to teach in front of the class, receiving helpful feedback. 

A shorter version of this course is also available.

Master Classes and Group Lessons

Public piano classes and group sessions are available for students of all levels and abilities. These classes can cater to almost any group of students, particularly those preparing for grade and diploma exams. 

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