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    • i’m an older student taking lessons w/ a teacher of 1year. its been friendly and up until a week ago when she got real upset w/ me. she almost banged on the piano. I didn’t say much after that I left quietly. I felt so deflated I could hardly play anything when I went home, I even cancelled my lesson today. im never late and cancelled 3times in14 months. do you feel this was appropriate? and should I seek another teacher?

  1. Hello Melanie,

    Both my children 8 and 9 years old are in grade 2 (successfully passed their grade 1 with distinction).
    We are struggling with sight reading, could you possibly advise as we would like to introduce it in our daily routine.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Nat, Many thanks for your message. It sounds as though your children have been very successful with their playing already – congratulations on the distinctions. I would always work at sight-reading with students at the beginning of a lesson, and then suggest they also do this at the start of every practice session too, as it takes a lot of focus. Make sure you have many practice books, and start at Grade 1 working up the grades slowly – there are loads of good books on the market now. Work through a few examples a day for maybe 10 minutes. Sight-reading needs sight preparation – i.e. break the extract down carefully before playing begins. I will publish a post on this subject in the next couple of weeks, with lots more detail and there’s a whole chapter dedicated to exams with much info about how to practice sight- reading in my book, So You Want To Play The Piano?
      Hope this helps, Melanie

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