The Solomon Piano Quintet at Steiner Hall

If you’re a chamber music fan (and it’s hard not to be with such fantastic repertoire on offer), you might be interested in this forthcoming concert to be held at Rudolf Steiner House in London, which is situated near Baker Street.  Steiner Hall hosts an International Concert Series presenting many renowned artists, and the concert on Saturday February 16th 2019 at 7.30pm features the newly formed Solomon Piano Quintet.

This recital marks the inaugural  season for the Solomon Piano Quintet, which was formed in 2018, and consists of London-based musicians who perform regularly as soloists and chamber musicians: Tadasuke Iijima (violin), Ayako Yamazaki (violin), Yohei Nakajima (viola), Matthew Strover (cello), and Yuki Negishi (piano).

The group selected the name ‘Solomon’ because ‘it relates to the wisdom and strength of the King with this name, inspring their musical journey thus far and beyond.’

Their programme is a mixture of chamber music favourites juxtaposed with some interesting new discoveries:

Joaquin Turina: “Serenata” for string quartet Op.87
Gregers Brinch: Piano Quintet “Human Reflections” Op.78 (2003)
Granados: Piano Quintet in G minor Op.49


Brahms: Piano Quintet in F minor Op.34

The Quintet are particularly interested in Contemporary music and plan to highlight living composers. ‘Human Reflections’ Op. 78, composed  by Gregers Brinch, was written in 2003, and formally included a double bass. The movements are all originally works for solo voices with instruments to poems by Paul Matthews and Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen, which are powerful reflections on the human condition, hence the title.


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For more information, please visit the publications page, here.

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