Piano Waves: 5 Piano Pieces

Piano WavesMy new piano pieces are now available, both in hard copy and digital format. Piano Waves consists of 5 pieces intended for intermediate level, which is around Grades 4-6 of ABRSM, Trinity College, AMEB, or RCM examination board levels. They  are published by EVC Music Publications, and are part of a group of books entitled Piano for Fun Series. Four publications are included in the series written by composers Olly Wedgwood, Heather Hammond, Alison Mathews and myself.

With a hint of minimalism, Piano Waves lie comfortably under the hands for pupils. Inspired by my adventures at sea, when I spent many years giving piano recitals on ships, I hope these pieces provide food for thought musically, as well as developing certain technical aspects of a student’s playing.

The first of the set, Seahorse Dream, portrays the Seahorse’s initially peaceful slumber, but after a while, the creature is suddenly awoken by a vivid memory, before dozing off again. Waltz on a Sunken Ship is an eerie, underwater peek at a handsome passenger ship at the bottom of the sea, complete with faded yet elegant dining rooms and dance halls, depicting scenes of yesteryear. Ocean Surge reveals the power and beauty of the sea; the climactic cascades characterize the colossal swell of the waves. Asilomar is a ‘refuge by the sea’; the overall calm, joyous feel of this work, might suggest a leisurely hot afternoon admiring the ocean from the shore. The Flying Dutchman represents a mythical ghost ship, always sailing but never quite reaching land; a shadowy, apparition of a ship, continuously moving on in the distance.

Piano For Fun Series LaunchYou can listen to each piece by clicking on the links below, and can purchase in either format here. Alternatively, do come along to the Music Education Expo Event being held at Olympia in London next week (25th & 26th February 2016), and enjoy an informal presentation given by all four composers (taking place on Friday 26th February at stand 119 at 12 noon).



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