The Piano Bench Mag: New Year 2016 Edition

JanuaryCover768x1024Last year I was featured in a magazine called The Piano Bench Mag, which is an American publication designed for piano teachers and published online by teacher Karen Gibson. The Piano Bench Mag‘s 2016 New Year edition highlights all those who appeared over the past 12 months on the front cover, and I was delighted to be included as part of this illustrious group! For the New Year edition article, we were all asked five random questions about our lives, and readers are asked to guess which facts belongs to which teacher!  You can read the article by clicking here The Piano Bench Mag; Did You Know?

If you would like to read The Piano Bench Mag you can do so here: It’s available for Android products here and for Apple products here.


One thought on “The Piano Bench Mag: New Year 2016 Edition

  1. It is amasing how many musicians love Beethoven. Even I keep returning to him. It feels like I can relate to everything about him. Just imagine what he would have done with digital composing software or if we could time travel and show it to him. I can just imagine the look on his face.

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