Melanie Spanswick

Pianist  Author Teacher Composer

Melanie Spanswick; Jakarta 2019
Image: Febe Warman

Welcome to my blog and website.

The Classical Piano and Music Education Blog is eight years old, and during that time I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing every week on this website. I pen the majority of the articles and posts, but I particularly like to present guest writers, mainly musicians, music writers, and composers, who offer a whole range of differing views and thought-provoking ideas.

I primarily highlight the piano, especially how to play and practice the instrument, as well as featuring music education related topics. On this blog, you’ll find plenty of information about various facets of an author, composer, and pedagogues’ life; from practising the piano and taking piano exams to performing, educational resources, and writing piano music.

A few years ago, I curated a series of interviews called Classical Conversations, where I spoke to forty renowned pianists and teachers on camera. These interviews are on my YouTube channel and you can find out more about them, here. You’ll find my vlogs and videos with practice suggestions on my YouTube channel, and you can also hear my compositions on this channel, too.

For more information on past posts and topics, please visit my archives, here. You can find out about my publications, here, and my teaching, workshops and adjudicating, here.

If you’d like a specific piano or practice topic featured on this site, feel free to contact me via the contact page on this blog. I look forward to hearing from you.