Weekend Competition: Easy Concert Pieces

Today’s competition features two new publications from Schott Music; Easy Concert Pieces Books 1 & 2. These volumes consist of elementary pieces, which are in a progressive order. Great for recitals, concerts, competitions and exams, they offer a broad selection of styles and genres from Baroque through to Contemporary. Both books come with a useful audio CD.

Two lucky winners will receive one book each, so please leave your name and comment in the comment box at the end of this blog post to be in with a chance of winning. As always, I will announce the winner on Sunday night (British time). Good luck!


Melanie Spanswick has written and published a wide range of courses, anthologies, examination syllabuses, and text books, including Play it again: PIANO (published by Schott Music). This best-selling graded, progressive piano course contains a large selection of repertoire featuring a huge array of styles and genres, with copious practice tips and suggestions for every piece.

For more information, please visit the publications page, here.

24 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve Scull says:

    Steve Scull

  2. Jo Snowden says:

    I’ve been looking for a book that has a comprehensive selection of pieces at that level for a while, they are mostly scattered through other volumes of mixed difficulties. These look ideal for my teaching studio and we’ll be very well used.


  3. Sarah Martin says:

    I would love to have this collection for my student library.

  4. Lu Lampson says:

    I am impressed by the huge selection of pieces in each volume, and the inclusion of less well-known works. Both of these collections will be most useful for me and my students as we plan our winter recital.


    Wonderful collections for music lovers, which can boost up learning passion.

  6. Alan Bond says:

    Just the thing for the school concert – to show off to the parents.

  7. Michael Thompson says:

    I’m looking for books for my adult beginner students. Both of these albums will fulfill this admirably

  8. Elena sham says:

    Hi. I’m looking piano books for my students’ concert. These two books seems interesting.


  9. Ann Coleman says:

    I can think of quite a few of my pupils, adults and children alike, who would benefit from these pieces.

  10. Tina Nguyen says:

    I would love to have those 2 books for my daughter. It is always a fantastic feeling when listen her play piano. I always try to find concert piano songs collection but all I found is too easy or too hard. Please let me be the lucky winner.

  11. Sheila Dacus says:

    A fresh collection of interesting repertoire!

  12. Laura Benton says:

    Lovely! Thank you!

  13. holora says:

    I would love to win this, will be great addition to my library.

  14. Ana Beatriz Marcondes Marra says:

    I would love to have this books!!!

  15. Thanks, what’s the list of pieces

  16. Hanlie martens says:

    Looks really interesting – would love to explore these pieces with my pupils 😊

  17. Sue Woodward says:

    They sound wonderful…great addition to teaching library

  18. Noreen Fredriksen says:

    These books look great!

  19. Pamela Denison says:

    Another great competition. Thank you.

  20. Lavinia Livingston says:

    These volumes sound well planned and my students would enjoy playing this music.

  21. Andrea Zucolotto says:

    I’d love to have one of them!!!🎹

  22. Kathy Beemer says:

    These books sound like something I could use with several of my students. Love the cover design as well.

  23. maryloypa says:

    I would like to have these. Always looking for good repertoire for students.

  24. Many thanks to all who took part in today’s competition, which is now closed 🙂

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