Contemporary Educational Piano Music

Over the past few months, my piano compositions have been making a few appearances; at the Music Education Expo here in London (alongside several composer’s piano works at EVC Music Publications), on various festival and competition syllabuses, and Karma (from Digressions) has been featured (printed and recorded) in Pianist magazine (Issue 89).

For those who love to play or teach Contemporary music (and by Contemporary, I mean written in the last five years), you might be interested in joining the EVC Music Publications Publishing Discussion forum on Facebook. This large group, run by publishing company owner and director Elena Cobb, regularly offers discounts on music, freebies, competitions, and all sorts of interesting updates regarding piano music and various composers.

The forum is also a useful vehicle for teachers to chat to composers, discuss teaching methods (all the music featured on this forum is educational) and share pupil’s achievements and performances. Several teachers have been kindly using my scores in their studios, and it’s wonderful to hear the fruits of their work. This is surely one of the marvels of social media? The immediacy of filming a performance and sharing it instantaneously is something our predecessors would have simply not believed.

Pianist and piano teacher Ada Kan lives in London, where she runs a busy piano teaching practice. She has been using my pieces in her studio for a while and has recently uploaded a couple of excellent performances, which I am now going to share!

In the first video, Elena plays Ocean Surge (which is from Piano Waves), and in the second link, Jon plays Chasing (from Digressions). Jon’s video was a rehearsal for a competition performance he gave at Blackheath Music Festival last week, where he was commended in his class. Both pieces are for intermediate level (Grade 5 or 6). I hope these pieces are fun for students to learn and play, providing accessible, tuneful music, which is also helpful and conducive for technical development too.

For those who teach beginners or elementary players, a new book, Piano Magic, is being released later this week containing ten little pieces for those of Grade 1 or 2 level. You can pre-order it here.

My Publications:

For much more information about how to practice piano repertoire, take a look at my two-book piano course, Play it again: PIANO (Schott). Covering a huge array of styles and genres, 49 progressive pieces from approximately Grade 1 – 8 level are featured, with at least two pages of practice tips for every piece. A convenient and beneficial course for students of any age, with or without a teacher, and it can also be used alongside piano examination syllabuses too.

You can find out more about my other piano publications and compositions here.



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