Snapchats for Piano Duet

Snapchats Front Cover

Melanie Spanswick has written a beautiful, sparkling new series of duets. They are highly evocative and will appeal to adults and children alike. I recommend them wholeheartedly!
Snapchats duets by Melanie Spanswick are enjoyable to play, and are varied in
character and texture. The most appealing feature of this collection, is that due to their brevity, they can easily be performed as a cycle or as a small group.

My new piano duets are now available to purchase as a digital download or as a hard copy (pre-order). Snapchats are  a collection of eleven pieces for those of around early intermediate or late elementary level (approximately Grades 2-4 ABRSM).

Piano Duets are fun to play, often providing players with the only opportunity to work with a fellow pianist. They offer the chance to improve many aspects of piano playing, including ensemble, sense of rhythm and sight-reading facility, as well as sharpening up listening skills too.

Snapchats are varied in texture, character, and mood. They require several slightly more unusual piano techniques and sound effects (for this level of playing, at least); glissandi, silently depressed chords, and assorted articulations (staccato, legato, tenuto etc.). Tuneful and Minimalist, each duet is very short; my brief was to write pieces of around eight to ten bars in length (yes, really!), which was quite a challenge! Their brevity encourages students to play them as a whole set, or as a smaller group, and they are suitable for children or adult pupils.

You can listen to each duet in the set by clicking on the links below. I recorded them last week with British concert pianist Nick van Bloss. You can buy the score and find out more here.

‘I tried some of these little gems with one of my students today and Phoebe enjoyed the music very much. They are very practical because of their size. They are also easy enough to sight-read and to teach students some new techniques. Thank you Melanie.’ Bulgarian pianist and piano teacher, Antonina Koleva Lax

‘These duets are great and only one page so students will love that. I liked all these pieces, but if I had to pick a favorite that would be Quick Chat. I love how the conversation is carried out by going back and forth in the different parts. My students are definitely going to want to play more than one of these duets for the recital.’ American piano teacher, Angela Jacob.

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For much more information about how to practice piano repertoire, take a look at my two-book piano course, Play it again: PIANO (Schott). Covering a huge array of styles and genres, 49 progressive pieces from approximately Grade 1 – 8 level are featured, with at least two pages of practice tips for every piece. A convenient and beneficial course for students of any age, with or without a teacher, and it can also be used alongside piano examination syllabuses too.

You can find out more about my other piano publications and compositions here.


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