Weekend Competition!

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It’s Friday, and therefore time for my Weekend Competition. I have a signed copy of two books to giveaway to two lucky readers, both courtesy of composer and publisher Elena Cobb. Elena’s piano pieces are vibrant, tuneful and students love them.

Blue River is a collection of six intermediate level pieces with a jazz feel; the pieces are imbued with blues, Latin and other musical styles popular today. You can listen to three works from the collection and find out more about them here.

Arabia (Γ‰tudes-Tableaux) is a dramatic, Persian inspired piano romp! Written as aΒ  study in octaves for the advanced pianist, it’s a modern Romantic piece with a distinct Oriental flavour. Find out more and listen here.

As usual, to win please leave your comment in the comment box at the end of this post. Elena will be selecting the winners on Sunday evening (British time). Good luck!

You can find out more or buy these books by clicking here. Piano pieces published by EVC Music Publications can now be purchased in London at the Chimes Music Shops, in Manchester at Forsyths Music Shop (see photo below), and also at Foulds Music Store in Derby, as well as online.

Forsyths Photo



30 thoughts on “Weekend Competition!

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  2. O Yes! Yes! Yes! This is awesome!. I love Elena’s music. She signed and wrote a personalized message on HP jazz for me a few weeks ago. I have Blue River and a digital copy of Arabia Etudes, they are beautiful. It would be nice if I can win a signed copy of one of these two books to add to my Elena Cobb signed collection. A lifetime treasure.

  3. I have read some samples of Blue River on website, and it has awesome jazzy ‘licks’ in the score! It would be great if I have a good luck to get a signed copy of this book.

  4. The Blue River pieces are terrific! I have middle school students who like to play “sets” with their instrumentalist friends in “combos” and they transcribe parts for whatever instruments their friends play – they’ll love working with these.

  5. Elena’s music is such fun to teach. I have a high school senior in mind who is really getting into jazz and these sets of pieces would be ideal for him. Elena, you are the best! Keep up the wonderful composing for us teachers out here in the field,

  6. Very exciting to see this particular competition pop up here this weekend. I’ve been enjoying getting to know Elena Cobb’s music via her facebook discussion group and website. What a treat to have the opportunity to win and own an autographed hard copy of these two books! The three recorded selections from Blue River each have such a distinctive sound and flair. They sound like they would be fun pieces to learn and perform in any setting. Arabia is such a great story-telling piece! I love how its singular voice builds throughout the piece slowly and carefully leading the listener along a most wonderful journey. It’s super to come across music that not only would I love to teach, but that I would love to also play myself. Thank you, Elena for your wonderful contributions, and thank you, Melanie for your thoughtful weekend give-away competitions!

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