Yamaha Music London Presentation & Practical Workshop: September 2015

Yamaha Sept 10th

I’m pleased to announce that a second workshop and presentation with Elena Cobb and myself will be taking place in September at Yamaha Music London. Elena and I started this seminar series in June, and we had such a great time and a wonderful response from our audience, we decided to do it again! The second workshop takes place on Thursday September 10th starting at 11.00am and finishing at 1.00pm. It is completely FREE of charge and all those attending will be given a FREE copy of Elena’s piano method My Piano Trip To London, and a copy of my book So You Want To Play The Piano? 

Elena will give a full introduction to her already popular piano method for beginners, My Piano Trip To London. This book is an exciting and completely new method based on original tunes which lead beginners of any age to creative piano playing. Elena’s objective is to re-invent an interesting, innovative linear progression for beginners, providing a fresh alternative without being overly method-driven.

Her method has received many five-star Amazon reviews: “One of the most striking and unusual features of the book is its unwillingness to be pigeon-holed as yet another children’s method. Billed as “utterly amazing piano adventures for complete beginners”, the book certainly provides all the material that a creative teacher would need in order to be used as a complete beginner method”.

My workshop will focus on Scales and Arpeggios. We know they are not always a favourite with teachers or students, but I hope to shed some light on useful ways to practice these much maligned exercises. My aim is to turn them from pesky ‘technical work’ consigned to the end of a piano lesson (or practice session!) to useful, enjoyable vehicles on which to improve technique and musicianship, whether preparing for a looming exam or not. There will be copious demonstration and audience participation too, so come prepared to play a scale or two!

To attend this workshop, you will need to book a place (we are limited to forty, so booking early is advisable). To book, please contact Elena via her e-mail: elenacobb@aol.com

We look forward to seeing you there!




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