The Friday Competition

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It’s Friday competition time. I know you love them, and my double competition provides the opportunity to win one of two publications. Composer and publisher Elena Cobb and I are presenting a workshop and lecture at Yamaha Music London on June 18th, and we will be supplying every audience member with a free copy of Higgledy Piggledy Jazz and So You Want To Play The Piano? So as a preview, the competition today is a chance to win a digital download of either publication.

Find out more about our presentation and how to book your place here. To win  a copy of  Higgledy Piggledy Jazz for piano (Elena’s very popular piano book for elementary pianists, teaching improvisation), or  So You Want To Play The Piano? (my piano guide for beginners), just leave a comment in the comment box at the end of this post. As usual, the most engaging, imaginative remarks will win, and we’ll be picking winners on Sunday evening (British time). Good luck!



18 thoughts on “The Friday Competition

  1. A very big thanks to Elena Cobb for coming to Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians! We are Higgledy-Piggledy, Super Duck noodling all the way on our beautiful rock!

  2. Higgledy piggledy, my students want to play the piano! I would love to preview your materials, and then buy lots of copies to sell to my students. Thank you for the generous offer!

  3. I hope one day you will come to Ohio to give presentation. Your book will be a very useful resource to any studio. And Elena’s music is so fun and motivating for any levels. All my students need to play the songs in Higgledy Piggledy. I especially love the Super Duck, my kids and I are working on making ensemble of it. I need to buy a duck caller to complete the ensemble. Quack! Quack!

  4. I live about 2 hours from New Orleans (jazz center in US) and about 2 hours from Hattiesburg, MS (where US music started). Very strong jazz music country. It would be great to win a copy of your music to explore your jazz style and introduce a UK jazz composer to my students. Then if it is something they would enjoy we can purchase books for them. Great way for me to get started. I think once students can experience your music, they will really like it. You are always welcome to come to this area and do a workshop!!!!

  5. Some students of mine had a foretaste divine,
    Of jazzy pieces on Piano Maestro😃
    Now I’d love to aquire more fuel for their fire
    Since your presentation is not in Ontario😔

  6. My brother is a college professor who focuses on jazz. He has traveled to Lebanon to give jazz workshops teaching jazz (trombone, piano, and compositions) based on the middle Eastern scale. He loves it! I can start the kids out, then send them to him!

  7. ‘So you want to play the piano’ – I am sure it contains all useful tips before indulging into buying an unsuitable non touch-sensitive instrument (which I discover some of my pupils have bought) and allows readers to consider thoughtfully about the discipline required to develop the skills for the life-long enjoyment in learning to play!

  8. I would like to win the ” so you want to play the piano”, received the order in the mail ” Higgledy Piggledy Jazz ” for my students. I would like to win a copy for myself too.

  9. I would love to give either of these books a try… I don’t know of anyone in South Africa who is familiar with either of these works and I would love the chance to introduce them to my country…

  10. Dude, where’s my piano?
    It was hijacked by a Duck
    I ate all the chocolate
    But I think I’m still in luck
    I want to play the piano
    I think it’s super cool
    Music from Melanie and Elena
    Is the perfect learning tool

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