A Friday Freebie!

We all love freebies (who doesn’t?), so today’s post is a give away for one lucky reader. My 15 Top Piano Resources were published on January 1st this year, and in this post, I briefly reviewed Daily Expressions by Paul Birchall. These lovely little works were brought to my attention by composer Elena Cobb who is Paul’s publisher.

Daily Expressions are a collection of seven piano pieces (one for every day of the week), and would suit pianists of approximately Grade 5 ABRSM exam level and above.  These works could be described as mood music, verging on Minimalist. Paul wrote one new piece everyday for a month, then included just seven of the compositions in this new volume. Students will enjoy the various ‘moods’ conjured by the different feel depending on the day of the week. Perfect for those who want to play modern pieces without a strictly Classical edge. Whether a piano teacher or pupil, you will find these little gems are a great addition to your repertoire. You can listen to each work and purchase them  here.

To win a signed copy of Daily Expressions, simply leave your comment in the box below. Elena and Paul will pick a winner – so make your comment a good one! The results will be announced on Sunday, so stay tuned. Good luck!


19 thoughts on “A Friday Freebie!

  1. Sound perfect for my 11 year old student who is at this level and struggling for motivation – I’ve encouraged him to take part in a local piano competition – these would be perfect!

  2. I listened to a couple of these and they sound very nice and somewhat challenging. I volunteer with a hospice company and I take my keyboard to two nursing homes twice a month to play for the residents there. I usually have a theme. For example, I am playing love songs this month because of Valentine’s Day. I don’t get much of a response but I encourage them to sing if they know a song and once in awhile, this does happen. I pray that my music will bless them even if they can’t respond. Sometimes I play classical and instrumental music. These pieces sound very interesting and enjoyable. I am not your typical musician. I started playing the piano at the age of 27. I had the desire to learn most of my life but did not have an opportunity until then. I knew at that age that I would not become a concert pianist so my first goal was to be able to recognize the song I was playing. God blessed my efforts and after just a couple of years. I learned to play the organ. I have been playing the piano and organ for church services for over 40 years now mostly at small churches. I have also played in music contests and won trophies. I have played for weddings, funerals, Christmas parties, etc. I have taken lessons four separate times with four separate teachers in order to improve my playing. One of my teachers encouraged me to develop my sight reading skills by playing straight through hymnals so every day before I practice, I play at least 10 hymns in a hymnal in the order they were published without choosing favorite key signatures, etc. Her suggestion worked and I have excellent sight reading skills. I am continually looking for new music and new arrangements to older music. I love most music from many genres and many time periods. This collection of compositions would greatly enhance my repertoire.

  3. I’ll be honest, I already have a hardcopy (Ohio, USA)! I fell in love with the music the moment I listened to Paul Birchall’s Soundcloud recordings! I would love to have a signed copy for myself and as a adjudicator’s copy in my studio for when my students perform these expressive compositions! I truly look forward to more from Paul Birchall.

  4. I listened to all the pieces. Thought-provoking and moody. Teenagers have been a challenge to engage in my teaching and I can think of several students who would love these pieces. Programming them on recitals would be a great addition, as well. I’m always keeping a running list of recital programs in my head for my students. Thank you for introducing me to these pieces, Melanie. And thanks to Paul Birchall for the fruit that came from writing every day for a month. 🙂

  5. Hello. I listened to each of the pieces. They are lovely. Some of the pieces remind me of beautiful free improvisation. They sound as though they would be great to develop left hand accompaniment styles. I also get the impression these pieces lend themselves to adding a lot of personal emotion, depending on the player’s mood. Played in a subdued manner, these pieces could be nice background music in the right venue.

  6. Thank you very much for offering this giveaway! These pieces sound intriguing! I love listening to contemporary compositions, but neither I or my students have done much study of them. This book would definitely remedy that!

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