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Today I am offering a special Friday Treat courtesy of the International Piano Magazine. This is a first for my blog site and I do hope to offer my readers a few more future ‘treats’ too; it’s really my way of thanking you all for your loyalty.

The International Piano (IP) incorporates International Piano (formally International Piano Quarterly) and Piano Magazine. It is primarily written for pianists and discerning fans of piano music. Each bi-monthly issue includes interviews with top pianists and rising talent, performance tips, news, features, analysis and comment. There are also  exclusive tutorials by concert artists, in-depth articles on piano recordings and repertoire, master classes on piano technique, and festival, concert and competition reports from around the globe.

Formally conceived as a quarterly off-shoot from Gramophone Magazine in the mid-1990s, The IP has passed through various publishers during the 2000s and was eventually bought by Rhinegold in 2009. It absorbed the Piano magazine in 2013 and is now the leading title for serious pianists and fans of piano music.

The IP are kindly offering my readers free access to their digital magazines. You can do this by clicking on the link here and quoting my special blog code:

Code – MEL13 (of course!).

I am appearing in the November/December issue of the magazine (which will be available online very soon) talking all about my book and the importance of learning the piano in the best way from the outset. More and more magazines are now available online and it’s a great way to keep up to date with pianistic news and all things piano. So enjoy!

International Piano, cover from current issue



10 thoughts on “International Piano Magazine; Free digital magazines

  1. Very happy at prospect of free access to IP – not entirely straight-forward though…it still seems to need to take direct debit info. Can you reassure on this?

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